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June 7th, 2022

Creating A Wedding Day Transportation Schedule

When you’re planning your wedding day, it can be easy to give a lot of thought and attention to the flowers, attire, and food. The wedding transportation is also an important factor of the big day that will allow you to get around with ease and arrive on time. Here are a few important tips to follow to create the perfect transportation schedule on your wedding day to ensure it goes smoothly.

1. Determine the Guests You Need to Transport

Consider the number of guests that need transportation to the venue to ensure you can rent enough shuttles or limos through a company like M&M Limo & Airport Service. Your wedding party and close family members will likely need to be escorted to the venue from the location where they get ready. You can even ask your guests to RSVP if they want transportation services, especially if the ceremony and reception are in two separate locations. Some of your guests may even need transportation from the wedding venue to the hotel at the end of the night. Consider guests who may want to leave earlier in the evening to ensure they can get a ride back to their hotel without waiting too long.

2. Create a Map

Mapping out the transportation route can allow you to determine the distance to the venue and how much time is needed going to and from each location. If a few of the accommodations are in proximity to each other, it can make it easier for the limos or shuttles to hit multiple locations.

3. Determine the Timing

Create a timeline after you determine when you’ll finish getting ready to walk down the aisle and the amount of time it takes to travel to the venue. Add a buffer to ensure you give yourself time to run a few minutes late. It’s also necessary to account for traffic to avoid being late for the wedding.

4. Distribute the Timeline

Create a timeline for your wedding transportation that you can give to the company you hire, as well as your wedding party. This will allow everyone to be updated on the specific times they’ll be picked up at each location. It’s also necessary to reach out to your wedding venue and hotel to confirm you can arrive in a shuttle or limo at their properties.

5. Determine Your Budget

Consider your budget to ensure you can determine the number of limos and shuttles you need to rent for the wedding. This may influence the amount of wedding party members and guests you can afford to transport. Knowing how to plan your wedding day transportation schedule can allow the day to go smoothly and avoid delays as you travel to multiple locations. You can also reach out to our team today to have your questions answered and schedule our services in advance for your special day.

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