7 Limousine Etiquettes You Should Know

October 18th, 2022

7 Limousine Etiquettes You Should Know

The comfort, style, and luxury of limousine travel are what make it so appealing. There is peace of mind that comes along with knowing that your transportation is in the hands of an experienced, dedicated, and professional chauffeur. This is true whether you are in need of limo services for your next run to the airport or you are hiring a limo for an unforgettable night out on the town. Keeping these points in mind, these are 7 limousine etiquette you should know about when you hire the top limo service in South Florida.

1. Make Sure to Observe the Limo’s Seating Capacity

Observing the seating capacity of the limo is one of the most important points of etiquette to observe while enjoying your luxury ride. Going over seating capacity can reduce the comfort of all passengers. It is also important to hire the right-sized limo for your specific party. While a large group of 15 individuals might require a stretch limo, a group of four can travel in style in a sedan limo.

2. Book Your Limo Trip as Far in Advance as Possible

With the ever-increasing popularity of limo travel, booking your trip ahead of time has become beneficial. It is always recommended that you book your limo trip as far in advance as you possibly can.

3. Observe Proper Exiting Etiquette

When hiring the top Boca Raton limousine service provider, make sure you observe proper exiting etiquette. When you arrive at your destination, it is proper etiquette to remain seated until your chauffeur comes to open the door for you. It is also standard for the first passenger into the limo to be the last one to exit. The last passenger who entered should be the first to get out.

4. Keep the Limo Clean

A fourth key point of limo etiquette you should be aware of is the importance of keeping the limo clean during your trip. Your goal should be to leave the limo as close to the way that you found it. You should avoid leaving behind empty cans, wrappers, and bottles when you arrive at your destination.

5. Be Respectful to Your Chauffeur

Your professional limo chauffeur is dedicated to getting you and your entire party to your destination on time and safely while you enjoy the comfort of a luxury ride. With this in mind, it is always proper etiquette to be respectful in the way that you treat all staff members.

6. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Given the fact that limos are associated with luxury, it is always a good idea to dress appropriately for your ride. Though you don’t always need to dress in formal attire, a smart casual look is certainly appropriate for these occasions. 

7. Your Chauffeur Will Appreciate a Discreet Tip

A final point of etiquette for when you hire the best limo service in South Florida is to make sure that you tip your driver for the excellent service that they have provided. An appropriate tip is generally 15% of the rental fee. If you have rented the limo for a special occasion, a 20% tip is generally considered appropriate.

Here at M&M Limo & Airport Service, we strive to be the best limo service in South Florida. You can find out more about our services when you contact M&M Limo & Airport Service by giving our team a call or messaging us online. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote. You can also make your reservations online for your booking convenience!

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