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Three Reasons to Stop Taking Public Transportation in Boca Raton

March 28th, 2019 by Barbara Proctor

Public transportation in Boca Raton and beyond has been around for ages, however, times are changing. Fewer and fewer people are relying upon public transport to be their primary method of getting around. Instead, people are taking ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft, and those who are looking for luxury are taking limousines and sleek sedans like the ones at M&M Limo & Airport Service. Whatever your preferred transportation option, there are a few reasons why public transportation is dwindling. Essentially, it boils down to inconvenience, and here’s why:   

Limited Space  

One of the worst parts about public transportation is that there is very limited space. This includes limited space, limited room in the stations, and far too many people in one’s personal bubble. If you’re travelling with friends or family, the chances of finding comfortable seats and sitting together are slim. This then leads the group to split up, and when you’re attempting to enjoy a night with your loved ones, it can be frustrating to find a way to all reconnect. This includes ride-sharing apps, as most of the vehicles don’t have enough space to fit the family. With a limousine waiting for you at M&M Limo & Airport Service, however, groups can fit with ease!  

Don’t Miss the Bus!  

The other downside of public transportation is the schedule. There are routes that people can read to understand which train or bus will get them successfully to their destination. However, if you are new to public transportation, certain routes can be challenging to read. Even if you do understand the maps, it’s often difficult to be on time. When a person misses their ride, they then have to wait impatiently for the next. There are many stops, and the route length depends entirely on traffic. To avoid getting stuck on the way to your next meeting or event, try taking a luxury SUV with M&M Limo & Airport Service! You won’t have to worry about traffic, discomfort, or being late.  


Public transportation is called “public” for a reason. Strangers crowded around you on the same ride can make it incredibly difficult to be productive or to have intimate conversations via your cell phone or with the people you are with. When you’re out with people you love, the last thing you want is to have someone cut in. When you ride in a limousine with M&M Limo & Airport Service, you’ll have no interrupted business or cell phone calls, or to be unable to hear your conversations 

At M&M Limo & Airport Service, we strive to bring peace and joy to all of our clients. Luxury isn’t for everyone, but it certainly does beat public transportation in Boca Raton. Whether you’re a business individual, you’re looking for a night out on the town, or you’re far too sensitive for the many energies of public transportation, the experts at M&M have you covered. We’ve been in the transportation business for decades, and we know what you’ll need to be satisfied with your ride. We’re looking forward to showing you what excellent customer care and transport can look like. Call us today at (561488-6014. 

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Updated Technologies with a Limo Service in Florida

March 25th, 2019 by Barbara Proctor

Transportation has changed dramatically over the last few years, and that’s not limited to the taxi and limousine industry. Now M&M Limo & Airport Service has more features than ever. What you’re used to in the past may still be around, but what you can also receive in newer models is outstanding. With a limo service in South Florida, you can experience these improvements yourself! Keep reading to see what’s new with updated limousine fleets across the country.  

Temperature Control: Limo Service in Florida  

There are a few things more unsettling than being stuck in a car where everyone is forced to be at the same temperature. Everyone’s blood runs differently, and if you’re a warm-blooded individual, the last thing you want is to be forced to sit in the heat. Fortunately, in newer models, limousines have temperature controls for each individual passenger. Now, no matter the season, length of the trip, or the location, you can ride in comfort with M&M Limo & Airport Service!  


It’s finally here! Wi-Fi is very exciting for those looking to ride in luxury, especially those who do business on the road. Sure, phones have hotspots now too, but that can eat your data plan within a few hours. Instead, you can connect to the convenient Wi-Fi system offered by M&M Limo & Airport Service and get your work done why you move along! Whether you’re looking to skype on a business meeting or you’re looking to finalize some documents, newer fleets have what you’re looking for.  


While limousines have always had music options, the sound systems have been drastically updated. When you’re in a limousine, especially for the night out, you’ll want to jam to your favorite tunes or set the mood with your sweetheart’s favorite playlist. Why not experience those sounds using the full effect? Most new limousines have a Bluetooth connection, so you won’t have to ask for the aux chord any longer! Riding in a vehicle with M&M Limo & Airport Serviceyou won’t need to stretch yourself to reach your phone simply to change the song.  

Ride in Style and Comfort  

Limousines have always been known as the most luxurious vehicles, but newer models are taking that comfort to a whole new level. Lumbar support is a must in the more advanced vehicles, as some trips are long and taxing. Instead of feeling your backache due to uncomfortable seating positions, you can sit back and relax into the seat that was genuinely made for you. With M&M Limo & Airport Service, some fleets even offer heated seats, and we all know how incredible that can be on chilly days!  

If you’re looking for a limousine service in South Florida, you’re in the right place. At M&M Limo & Airport Service, we pride ourselves on being the chosen provider of luxury transportation. With decades of experience, we’re proud to say we’ve kept up with how the industry has changedWe’re also a familyowned and operated company, which means that we give each of our clients’ individualized care. When you’re looking to experience true comfort and style, don’t choose just anyonechoose the experienced team. With certified chauffeurs, professionalism, and safety first, we’ll get you to where you’re going! Call us today at (561488-6014. 

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Limousine Service in South Florida

March 22nd, 2019 by Barbara Proctor

Your anniversary is coming up and you’re trying to find a gift that tells her how much she means to you. Of course, flowers are a must, but they aren’t enough to be memorable. If this is a significant anniversary for you, then you’re going to have to find a way to make it one both of you will never forget. One of the best ways to do that is to use a limousine service in South Florida. Some couples refuse to go out for their anniversaries because they’re too busy or because they’re afraid of the traffic during dinner time. With a limousine service, you can avoid all of that! M&M Limo & Airport Service hagood tips for using a limousine company.  

Make Reservations with a Limousine Service in South Florida  

If you’re dining at a restaurant or you’re going to hold a picnic in the park, a limousine from M&M Limo & Airport Service will take you there. By making reservations, or scoping out the perfect spot, you’re already making sure that everything will be perfect for the love of your life. One of the worst things that can happen on this special day is having to wait for hours for a table, or being turned away. When you make reservations, you put your best foot forward. Then, with a limousine, you’ll be able to arrive in style. What an excellent way to begin the evening!  

Pamper Your Loved One  

There are few better ways to pamper the one you love than with a limousine in South Florida. You can curate a beautiful playlist. Perhaps it’s full of love songs, or maybe it’s packed with the music you both grew up on. While swaying and singing along, you can also open a bottle of champagne. Why not get the party started on the way to dinner? With mood lighting, a luxury vehicle from M&M Limo & Airport Service, and the one you hold dear, what evening could possibly be better?  

Stay Safe 

Traffic, parking, and Florida drivers are all quite frustrating on date nights. Fortunately, with a limousine, you won’t have to worry about any of that! You can sit back and relax as you enjoy every single moment with your sweetheart. You can talk, catch up, reminisce, or simply listen to music and watch as the world speeds by. Drink a glass of wine or bring the bottle! Whatever you choose, you can rest at ease knowing that you are in safe hands and in a secure environment with M&M Limo & Airport Service.  

Make it a Surprise 

If you really want to wow your date, you can ask our chauffeurs to pick you up from home. You can invite your date to dinner, and when you go outside to get in the car, we’ll be waiting out front! Maybe you’ll want to put some balloons or snacks inside. With M&M Limo & Airport Service, we work with you to make your evening exactly as you’ve imagined it. Whatever you want during your anniversary, we can help accommodate!  

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the person you love, don’t simply buy something that will sit on their shelf. Instead, why not gift an experience? Experiences are worth more than any sparkly purchase, and when the experience includes the two of you, it’s even more special. Contact M&M Limo & Airport Service today at (561488-6014 for reservations. It’s your special night, and whether it’s been one year or fifty, it will be a night to remember.  

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Spring Break with a Luxury Taxi in Boca Raton

March 21st, 2019 by Barbara Proctor

The term “taxi” is getting rewritten in the dictionary, as millions of Americans are redefining the way they want to travel. Where the yellow cars were efficient for their time, they weren’t very safe and the service was less than excellent. Now, with ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, the transportation scene has changed dramatically in a fraction of time. Even luxury has taken an entirely new meaning, as it becomes readily available to everyone. If you’re on Spring Break, you might enjoy touring the beaches and the nightlife in style with a beautiful taxi in Boca Raton.  

Pick-Up and Drop-Off with a Luxury Taxi in Boca Raton  

One of the most significant reasons people use a luxury taxi in Boca Raton during Spring Break is to get to and from the airport, or to their hotel. At M&M Limo & Airport Service, one of our specialties is airport pick-ups and drop-offs. We know exactly where to go, and which routes will get you to your destination the quickest. Whether you’re looking to get to the beach as soon as possible, or you’re a little behind getting to the airport, we’ll safely deliver you to your desired destination.  

Miami Trips 

One of the most exciting places to be during Spring Break is in Miami Beach. With music festivals, bars, beautiful beaches, and historical nightlife, it’s no wonder that people make it a priority to get to the city. Instead of fighting traffic in a cramped space with your friends, you can ride in style in an SUV or even a limousine. Arriving like a rock star will give you a Spring Break you’ll never forget. The chauffeur will take you from place to place all night long while ensuring that you return to your destination safely.  

Bar Hopping and Plenty of Friends  

Another benefit of a limousine or taxi is that you can fit in numerous friends and hop from one bar to the next without worrying about your transportation. When you’re on Spring Break, you don’t want to worry about anything other than the present moment. With M&M Limo & Airport Service, we believe that you can truly have the best Spring Break of your life by using a luxury taxi and our incredible team. Safety is our priority. 

If you’re looking to experience Spring Break in the most exciting and memorable way, we’re ready to be the transportation you need to have a good time. Spring Break is the space you need to unwind after months of rigorous schooling, tests, and stress. Don’t let the moment pass you by. With decades of experience and a family-owned company, you can expect to be treated with respect when you rent a taxi in Boca Raton. Call our team at M&M Limo & Airport Service today at (561) 488-6014. 

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Grant Yourself a Luxury Shopping Trip with a Limousine in South Florida

March 12th, 2019 by Barbara Proctor

Warmer weather is here, and swimsuit season is upon us. That means it’s time to throw away the old and invite in the new! What better way to welcome in the warmer summer months than with an extraordinary shopping trip using a limousine in South Florida? Shopping is one of the top to-dos in the southern part of the state, as brand names are part of what draws in new customers and clients from around the world. Whether you’re looking to shop on a budget, or you’re looking for the high-end boutiques, Miami has it all! Here are a few ways a limousine can help you to enjoy your shopping spree:  

Bring Your Friends with a Limousine in South Florida  

If you want to make a trip out of it, you can invite your friends. While shopping is plenty of fun on its own, there’s nothing quite like sharing the day with people you love. Inviting friends ensures that it will turn into a day of fun and extravagance. Maybe you can even hit the spa on the way home! After all, a long day of shopping can be exhausting! A M&M Limo & Airport Service limousine will allow you to fit all of your friends into one form of transportation. Sharing the day never felt so luxurious.  

Avoid Parking  

Miami is a packed city, especially when you’re in areas such as Brickell Avenue or the beach. Fortunately, a limousine helps you to avoid many issues, including parking and traffic. You can visit many stores in numerous locations without having to worry about whether or not that part of town will have parking. At M&M Limo & Airport Service, our trained and professional chauffeurs will find a parking spot and wait while you leisurely embark on your shopping spree.  

Drop off Your Bags 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to shopping is carrying around all of your bags. This can not only be annoying, but it can be strenuous on the body. The chauffeur can meet you anywhere to pick up your bags. Then, you can move freely from place to place. At least you can say that even if you shop until you drop, it wasn’t because of the weight of your bags! M&M Limo & Airport Service makes it easy to enjoy your day. 

If you’re looking for a limousine company for an enjoyable adventure, reach out to the professionals at M&M Limo & Airport Service today. We have decades of experience, and all of our chauffeurs are trained and expertly qualified. Our goal is to provide incredible customer care and luxury transportation services for all of our clients. We’re sure we’ll exceed your expectations, and have you coming back to our fleet time and time again. Call us at (561488-6014 for a stress-free trip today 

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Premiere Limo Service in South Florida Will Safely Take You To Your Destination

August 24th, 2018 by MM Airport Blog

We’re gearing up for “season.” And you know what that means, more parties, more festivals – and yes – more traffic. But not to fret. Don’t stress over getting from point A to Point B – or any other destination! We have you covered! When looking for the best limo service in South Florida, call M&M Limo & Airport Service, Inc.

We’re the Best Limo Service in South Florida

You’ve heard the phrase: “It’s not about where you’re going; it’s about enjoying the ride.” And that’s exactly what happens when you ride with us! We’re a luxurious, top-notch, affordable woman-owned limo company. We mean business. Think of the benefits of riding with M&M Limo & Airport Service, Inc. Here are just a few:

  • You can enjoy libations without worrying about driving
  • You can use the time in the car, to handle your business
  • You’ll impress your family or friends
  • You’ll impress your client
  • You’ll enjoy door-to-door service
  • You’ll travel in comfort
  • You can relax to and from your event
  • It’s the best way to get to the airport or seaport
  • You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or paying for parking
  • You choose who you want to want to do a “ride share” with
  • Your driver knows the area and exactly where he’s going

And yes—of course we’ll get you to the airport or seaport on time! We service Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Palm Beach International and Miami International Airports, and Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale and Port of Miami Seaports.

Are you ready to ride in style? You’re in the right place. Our impressive fleet of limos, sedans, SUVs, and vans are exceptionally clean and well-maintained. Our drivers are courteous and professional, and of course, licensed and experienced. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

For a free quote, fill out the online reservation form on our website, or call us at 561-488-6014. When looking for the best limo service in South Florida, call the reliable team at M&M Limo & Airport Service, Inc. We look forward to serving you!

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How to Transform Your Professional Reputation with a Limousine Service in South Florida

July 11th, 2018 by MM Airport Blog

If you’re a businessman or woman looking to step up your game, a limousine service in South Florida may be the answer. How you decide to travel plays a big part in the way others perceive you. With true luxury and classic limousine arrivals, this is the summer to impress your clients, customers, and colleagues.

Why Style is Important in the World of Business: Limousine Service in South Florida

It’s true that style is important, and some occupations require a good look more than others. Business, in many ways, is very much about making good impressions. In the corporate world, very few people get very far without a bit of flare. Transportation is an easy way to tell whether or not someone is successful. Many people look at what you’re wearing, how you carry yourself, and they’re also peeking at what you drive.

Using a limousine service is a perfect way to spruce up your professional image, whether it’s for arriving, departing, airport pick-ups and drop-offs, or business meetings. Taking investors or new employees to conferences or dinners in a limo can give you a few bonus points, and portray your sense of aesthetic in a favorable light. Additionally, a limousine symbolizes class and timelessness. In choosing this particular form of transportation, you’re making a statement.

The way you feel about yourself translates to others. Nice, luxurious items can give you the self-confidence you need to make all of your dreams a reality. The ways you dress, talk, carry yourself, empower, speak up, respect, and arrive are all ways that can positively reinforce self-image, and eventually, performance. If you’re ready to step up your game, try a limousine service in South Florida. M&M Limo & Airport Service has been serving Florida for over two decades. Their chauffeur courtesy, customer convenience, and dedication to safety-first priorities have made them a top choice for businessmen and women for years. Call 561-488-6014 today for a free quote, and see how your professional reputation can flourish.

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Advantages of Choosing a Limo Service in South Florida Over Renting a Car 

July 4th, 2018 by MM Airport Blog

Making travel plans might include a limo service in South Florida, and for good reasons. Most people instantly choose to book a rental car, but a rental vehicle comes with a plethora of responsibilities and tiresome tasks. Instead, selecting a limo service not only provides luxury and style, but it also provides safety. When in a new city, it can be difficult to know where to go, but with an expert, there’s a guaranteed sense of direction! Here are a few other reasons to use a limo while visiting South Florida.  

Safety, Navigation, Parking, and Rules: Limo Service in South Florida 

It really boils down to a few defining factors, including safety, navigation, parking, and state laws. As a non-local, it’s easy to get lost, go over the speed limit, and not know where to find parking. With a limo, a professional chauffeur will have all of that set up in advance. As residents of South Florida, drivers know the area like the back of their hands. Instead of worrying about where to go, and how not to be late, a personal driver can give peace of mind, and significantly less stress.  

When visiting Florida for businesses, it’s better to work in the back of a luxury limousine than waste the time navigating a new location. Businessmen and women can sit back and relax, as their driver gets them to every meeting on time. They can miss traffic, parking meters, and other annoying aspects of driving a rental car. At M&M Limo & Airport Services, they know that South Florida is a business capital of the states. That’s why they offer meetings by limo service, airport pick-up, and drop-off, or event transportation. 

In business since 1989, they know what they’re doing. For the ultimate convenience, trust M&M Limo & Airport Service with your busy agenda. There’s nothing more relaxing than knowing that you’re being taken care of. With their extreme chauffeur courteously and safety priority, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience. Call 561-488-6014 today and book yourself the transportation you deserve. Ditch the rental car and ride in style. This limo service in South Florida is waiting to exceed your expectations.  

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How to Fully Enjoy the World Cup with a Luxury Taxi in Boca Raton

June 15th, 2018 by MM Airport Blog

The World Cup is an event that happens every four years, and most South Florida residents are excited to see their favorite team vie for the top spot. Sharing time with family and friends over these games can be exciting, hopping from bar to bar and cheering for favorite teams. However, there may be an even better way to enjoy the month-long festivities with a luxury taxi in Boca Raton.

Why Choose a Night Out with a Luxury Taxi in Boca Raton

When people think of a traditional taxi, they think of a large, yellow, four-door vehicle. However, the standards of taxis are changing, as more and more people push for luxury over the aggressiveness and uncleanliness of traditional taxis. A limo, luxury sedan, or SUV are all part of the new ways to travel, as they offer clean conditions, comfortable rides, and a memory that will never be forgotten.

For the World Cup, there’s nothing more memorable that riding in luxury to the favorite match up. Whether it’s a friend’s apartment, the best bar, or a viewing theater, arriving and departing in style can amp up the crowd unlike anything else. Hosts can provide an incredible experience; complete with music and champagne to celebrate. If the desired team wins, imagine the exciting ride home!

M&M Airport and Limo Services understands that sporting events bring the planet together through drinks, laughs, cheers, and embraces. If you have plans to watch your dream team play this World Cup, make an event out of it! M&M knows you’ll want to be there for the opening kick on time, and therefore provides highly trained chauffeurs who arrive on time and pick up when needed. A taxi in Boca Raton fits the bill! Just because you aren’t watching the match in person doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it like a champion. Call M&M Airport & Limo Services at 561-488-6014 to experience a World Cup season you’ll always remember.

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What to Expect from a Top-Notch Limo Service in South Florida

June 15th, 2018 by MM Airport Blog

South Florida is home to events and parties all year round. Between galas, fundraisers, concerts, sporting events, and more, it’s easy to see why it’s so important for event-goers to show up in style. Limo service in South Florida is guaranteed to help with that. In fact, arriving in luxury adds to any experience in more ways than one.

Experience More with a Limo Service in South Florida

Riding in a limo is a direct reflection of the old saying, “It’s not about where you’re going; it’s about enjoying the ride.” Why solely enjoy the destination when the entire commute can be an event in and of itself? A top-notch limo service provides for a great story that you and your guests will remember forever, and here’s why:

Drinking and Riding

Before a party, guests often like to loosen up with alcoholic beverages. While the dangers of drinking and driving cannot be overstated, drinking and riding is a much safer proposition. A limo provides a safe atmosphere to open a bottle of champagne on the way to a concert or gala. You and your guests can interact with one another without worrying about making a fatal decision or becoming distracted.

Luxury Vehicles Go Well with Evening Wear

For galas and beautiful South Florida parties, the way you arrive makes a statement. Arriving in an Uber sedan says a lot less than arriving in a luxury limousine. Escorting your date out of the vehicle and into the entrance is sure to turn some heads. It could be a real red carpet moment!

Safety & Time

M&M Airport and Limo Services don’t stop at dropping you off. They’ll also pick you up! Getting home safely can be a challenge after a long evening out, especially if you’re left to your own devices. However, a simple phone call to your certified chauffeur and you’ll make escorted back home in a safe and timely manner. You won’t have to worry about finding your car, leaving it behind, paying for valet, or parking. Just allow the M&M professionals to take care of your transportation details from beginning to end.

Summer is the perfect time for grand events, but don’t stop the luxury at the car door! If you’re all dressed up with somewhere to go, contact M&M Airport and Limo Services for the ultimate, limo service in South Florida. In businesses since 1989, M&M is the perfect team to give you a night you’ll remember forever. Call 561-488-6014 today to schedule your luxury experience.

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