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Avoid a DUI By Hiring a Car Service in Boca Raton!

December 2nd, 2017 by MM Airport Blog

One of the most prevalent crimes in the state of Florida every year is also one of the most preventable. The rate of people driving under the influence of alcohol is alarmingly high in our state yet it is easily one of the most avoidable crimes. In 2012 alone, more than 61,000 Floridians were arrested and charged with a DUI and had their life turned upside down as a result.

Hire a Limo Service in Boca Raton today!

Florida law stipulates that someone’s first DUI warrants a one-year license suspension and a fine ranging anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the circumstances. Some cases also require community service and mandatory substance abuse treatment. Those who make the decision to drive drunk a second time face far more serious fines and punishments which could very well include jail time.

Along with the fines, paying fees for your legal representation can push the overall cost of a DUI past the value of the car you were driving at the time. Some report the total cost of fighting a DUI charge at a whopping $10,000 when it’s all said and done! Rather than empty your bank account and rely on friends for rides, doesn’t it make more sense to hire a car service to chauffeur you about after a night of revelry and merriment?

M & M Limo is one of the most reliable names in transportation in Boca Raton. With a fleet of luxury cars and limousines, M & M Limo is well equipped to handle transportation for any occasion. You could rely on a taxi service to get you home after a night on the town, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find one when the time comes. Scheduling a car service means our experienced drivers will be exactly where they need to be every time. Don’t squeeze the party into a tiny cab, enjoy the luxury and convenience of the transportation services provided by M & M Limo.

Hiring a designated driver not only brings your chance of getting a DUI down to 0%, but it also helps keeps the roads safer for everyone. Whether you’re enjoying a nice dinner with someone special, attending a concert or dancing at your favorite club, M & M Limo has the experience to get you home safe and sound. With the perfect vehicle for every occasion, it’s no secret that M & M Limo is one of the most trusted car services in Boca Raton. Call and schedule your car service today!

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Why Choose Hourly Car Services in Palm Beach County?

March 4th, 2016 by MM Airport

Whether it’s snowbird season or the middle of summer, it seems that Palm Beach County roadways are always packed. At M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc, we know that you have many different options when it comes to beating the traffic these days. Nothing is more luxurious than our hourly car services in Palm Beach County. If you’re looking for the utmost professionalism, true timeliness and ease of booking, there’s no choice better than M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc. We’re committed to getting you to your destination on time, in style and with the utmost care. Don’t trust just any car service, it’s time to discover the M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc difference.

For our drivers and customer service coordinators at M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc, car service is about more than just driving you from Point A to Point B. Car service is focused on ease of travel and luxury. We know that when it comes to booking hourly car services in Palm Beach County, you need it done quickly and the right way. We offer a full fleet of top of the line cars with truly professional divers. Our drivers are always safe, courteous and reliable for each and every client. We can assist with the best airport transportation, corporate travel, sporting event transportation and car service for a memorable night on the town.

When you chose our team at M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc for your transportation needs, you’re choosing the best transportation solutions. We are committed to consistently providing transportation solutions that embody luxury. Whether you’re choosing our hourly car service, our wedding limo services in Palm Beach County, our fleet services or anything in between, you’re sure to be impressed with our professionalism and comfortable vehicles.

If you’re transporting a large group, it’s time to see how our services can help. Our hourly cars are perfect for getting the family to and from destinations such as the airport, special events and any parties. We also suggest looking into our party bus service in Palm Beach County for larger groups such as bachelorette parties, sweet 16 parties or anniversary celebrations as well.

When you’re looking for hourly car services in Palm Beach County, we hope you’ll count on our professional services at M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc. We’re committed to offering our clients the utmost professionalism when it comes to reliable transportation. Don’t overpay, don’t deal with complicated phone apps and don’t rest all of your transportation needs on the shoulders of unqualified and unsafe drivers. Discover the safety, reliability and luxury of M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc for your transportation needs. No matter what the time, we’re here to give you a ride. Call (561) 488-6014 to reserve your car.

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