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December 30th, 2021

Top 3 Reasons You Want to Use an Airport Service in Boca Raton

Driving down the road in South Florida is challenging, with the congestion and aggressive drivers.

According to the NTSB, Florida has some of the highest traffic fatalities and injuries in any state.

The situation gets worse when you are going to the airport and want to make it on time. You are in a rush and don’t have time to deal with South Florida’s traffic issues.

The best way to avoid these challenges is to use an airport service that eliminates stress and worry. We look at the top three reasons why you want to use an airport service in Boca Raton.

You Get to the Airport on Time

Taking an airport shuttle ensures that you will arrive at the airport on time. We know the best routes and those with the least amount of traffic. Punctuality is a priority with us and we will pick you up early enough so you can check in and get to your gate.

Driving yourself to the airport can be a hassle with you having to manage the traffic and park. These factors increase the chances that you can miss your flight. The last thing you want is added stress when you are going to the airport.

We recommend using our first-class airport service in Boca Raton, so you are always on time.

M&M Limo & Airport Service is the most reliable for getting to the airport on time. We have over 30 years of experience and know where to go for your next flight. Our drivers are experts on all of the arrivals and departures at the different airports including Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Miami International.  We offer convenient drop-off and pick-up services at any of these airports.

You Get to Relax

Traveling to the airport is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and not something that stresses you out. Taking our shuttle gives you the latest amenities and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. You never have to worry about aggressive drivers or the aggravation of South Florida’s roads. You don’t have to make your trip so stressful when you can start everything off right by calling the best airport transportation service.

M&M Limo & Airport Service can take you to any airline at the different airports throughout South Florida. Our drivers are trained, qualified, and experienced to give you the best experience on your trip.

You can do Other Things on the Way

Taking an airport shuttle saves you time, by letting you do other work on the way. Our vehicles have free Internet access, so you can do other activities and never worry about missing an important email. You are more productive and make the most of your time by leaving the driving to us.

The time you save is yours, and you can use this to do more pressing activities.

M&M Limo & Airport Service is the best choice for your airport transportation in Boca Raton. We understand that you are busy and make things easy, so you can always stay connected and productive on the way.

We are the Best Choice!

These are the top three reasons why you want to use an airport service on your next trip. Call M&M Limo & Airport Service today at 561-488-6014 and get your free quote.

We take the stress out of getting to the airport and are located near Sand Pine Park in Boca Raton. 

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December 27th, 2021

Celebrate NYE On A Party Bus

Almost everyone looks forward to the New Year’s countdown. But the partying starts much before midnight on December 31st. Aside from establishing New Year’s goals, individuals enjoy ringing in the New Year with family and friends. Some prefer to remain home while others prefer a night out with friends and family to some notable city places. In this case, a party bus hire is a perfect solution. Here are some reasons why hiring a party bus for your NYE extravaganza is helpful.

  1. Rock the New Year eve aboard a Party Bus
    The countdown to the New Year is something faithfully anticipated by practically everyone throughout the globe. People assemble at a spot, say goodbye to the previous year, and greet the new in style. With music and firecrackers, the gala celebration becomes simply stunning.

    If music and dance, lights flashing in tempo, and drinking ice champagne is your way of enjoying this new year night with all your pals and close companions, then booking a party bus is advised. There are numerous service providers in the city that provide several New Year packages, providing you the choice to pick the one that best meets your demands.
  1. Celebrate with Fireworks
    Starting your New Year with a bang is the most excellent way to greet the new year. Fireworks are something equally loved by youngsters and adults. Several localities have firework displays on New Year’s Eve. There are several activities available at these family-friendly events. Therefore, climb aboard a party bus rental and begin your event with a bunch of friends and their families. Sing and dance your way to the end, when you’ll be treated to a stunning firework display to ring in the New Year.
  2. Traveling on Time and in Style
    Your Party Bus in Boca Raton will have a chauffeur who will ensure that you arrive safely and on time at each of your locations. This experienced driver will assure your safety while you drink and socialize with your friends. The driver is familiar with all of the city’s roads and instructions, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost along the trip. You may enjoy the journey with your pals and party all night.

4. Transport in Safety
M & M Limo & Airport Service, experts in transportation service in Boca Raton, consider your safety paramount while having a good time on New Year’s Eve. Choosing to rent a party bus combines the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy a party atmosphere on board as the driver securely transports you to your destination. You won’t have to worry about checkpoints or colliding with other vehicles on the road. Your driver will take care of all of this while you and your buddies have fun, drink, and party inside.

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December 21st, 2021

How To Find The Best Company for Airport Transportation In Delray Beach

When you are looking to make a decision, such as selecting the best company for airport transportation in Delray Beach, you need to be educated about your options. It can be difficult to know where to start and which service provider is the best choice, with so many different companies to choose from. Read along to get insightful pointers on how to find the best company for Airport Service in Delray Beach.

Consider Customer service

A large fleet of vehicles can help transportation providers serve more customers in a timely fashion. Many car services will have sedans, SUVs, minivans, and shuttle buses that they can send out based on customer requests.

Some airport transportation companies go so far as to offer special needs vehicles like handicap vans and even limousines. Although these luxury options aren’t necessary most of the time, they’re nice to have on hand when your travel requires them. Do you want a company whose top priority is getting you to your destination quickly, or do you need someone who prioritizes luxury?

Customer service will vary depending on how accommodating an airport transportation company wants to be. But any provider worth their salt should be able to meet at least some of your requests. If not, there are plenty of other service providers who will be happy to make changes. Choosing one that best meets your needs is essential to ensure you get satisfied with the services you receive.


When you’re looking at airport transportation companies, we all know that price will be a factor. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor. There are certain times when you might be okay with spending more money on your airport transportation if it means getting picked up sooner or taking a much nicer vehicle. If possible, compare several different services and prices and then determine how much time/money is worth saving.

Ask for Recommendations

When you’re searching for a company that provides transportation in Delray Beach, it’s a good idea to start with referrals from friends and family. Word-of-mouth is one of your best resources when finding good service providers. If you have relatives or friends who live in Delray Beach, ask them what companies they use for their travel needs. Chances are they know which ones are worth their time and which ones aren’t.

Ask around on social media; Social media platforms can also be helpful if you want to find local businesses that provide specific services. Do a quick search on Twitter for things like “Airport Service in Delray Beach” and see what comes up. You might come across some websites where people are talking about their experiences with certain companies. Use Yelp: This is another platform that lets users leave reviews of different companies in their area.

Check Experience

Consider the number of years a company has been in the airport transportation industry. That way, you’re guaranteed the company has experience in dealing with tourists and can recommend good tourist attraction sites. A general rule of thumb is to consider a company with over three years of experience.


Getting the right company for your transportation in Delray Beach should no longer be mentally draining. The above pointers can guide you to ensure you get the best transportation company in Delray Beach. Contact M&M Limo & Airport Service to give you the best airport transportation experience.

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December 1st, 2021

Steps for Hiring a Limo

No one wants to miss their flight, and that’s where reliable transportation comes in. Hiring an Airport limo is not only comfortable but time-efficient as well. You can make it to your flight without rushing and causing havoc. Plus, Airport limo services are trained to manage your luggage and take you to your destination on time. 

But if you haven’t hired a limo service before, you probably don’t know where to start. Plus, hiring the wrong limo service means losing time, money, and mental peace. For that reason, we have shared our steps for hiring the best limo service in Boca Raton, Florida. So without further delay, let’s get into the topic. 

Steps for Hiring a Limo Service 

Step 1: Do Your Research Before Hiring 

The first step of hiring a limo service is to do your research both offline and online. Ask people in your circle if they have hired a limo service and their experience. Look online if you can’t find anyone who has hired an airport limo. Search for “Best limo service in Boca Raton, Florida” and open the top 10 websites. Next, check their reviews on Trustpilot, Yelp, and other places. Beware of fake reviews. They are usually from the same person and tend to have poor grammar and choice of words. 

Step 2: Get Multiple Quotes 

Don’t just stick to the first limo service with good reviews on Yelp. Narrow your list of 10 services to 5 and contact them. Once you talk to their representative, ask for a quote and share details about your trip, such as your departure date, distance, and where you want to go. Once you have collected quotes from 5 different limo services, compare them and see who offers the best price. 

Step 3: Check Credentials 

Once you have your top 5 companies and their quote, don’t narrow them down. Check their credentials first. You can do that by visiting their website or calling them and asking for credentials. You should ask for basic information such as if they have a criminal check for their drivers, are authorized to operate at your airport, and have a commercial license. A legitimate limo service won’t hesitate in sharing information to win your trust. If you feel that the other person on the call is reluctant, remove that company from your list. 

Step 4: Inquire About Their Fleet 

Reputable limo services have a large fleet of vehicles to cater to their customer’s needs. They have all sorts of vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and wheel-chair accessible vans. Be sure to ask about their fleet of luxury vehicles and book one that fits your requirements. For instance, book a sedan that can accommodate four passengers and three large-sized bags if traveling alone. If you are traveling with family, book an SUV or a van – depending on your family members and luggage. 

Step 5: What Does Their Service Include?

Many limo companies have flat rates that you pay either in cash when you leave or through a credit/debit card. However, some companies have separate charges for fuel, parking, cleaning, and waiting. These additional charges can be very costly and lead to last-minute surprises when you don’t have cash. Therefore, it’s best to ask beforehand and be prepared. 

Step 6: What’s Your Method of Payment?

Before leaving for a business trip, honeymoon, or family tour, you need to remove stress and leave no room for errors. Ask the limo company what payment method they prefer to remove stress from your journey. Some companies request advance payments, and others are happy when you pay on arrival at your destination. It’s best to clear financial expectations before hiring a limo service. 

M&M Limo – The Best Transportation and Roadshow in Boca Raton Florida 

Hiring a limo service isn’t easy. Several companies have fake reviews, and it can be challenging to find your perfect transportation partner. Therefore, you should start looking for a reputable transportation service in Boca Raton at least a week before your date of departure. Plus, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy transportation service, M&M Limo is here. At M&M Limo & Airport Service Inc, we provide the best transportation services in Boca Raton. Whether you’re looking for shuttle services or a roadshow in Florida, we’re here to provide the best transportation solutions. Our clients trust our services because we promise what we deliver, and we deliver what we promise. For more information, you can visit our website or call us by dialing 561 488 6014.

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November 22nd, 2021

7 Tips for Stress-Free Packing This Holiday Season

For many individuals, packing is the only unenjoyable part of a holiday vacation. To make it less challenging, try these helpful packing tips. When it’s time to head to the airport, choose the most reliable transportation service in Boca Raton. At M&M Limo & Airport Service, we have a fleet of vehicles that service Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Palm Beach International, and Miami International Airports. We’ll get you where you need to be safely and on time.

Make a List

All the best packers will tell you that making a list is the surest way to make packing a breeze. More importantly, if you make your list one week or a few days before your trip, you better guarantee that you don’t forget anything you need. Keep track of what you have already packed by crossing items off your list as you go along. When you have packed everything on your list, make sure to double-check it! Yes, you are channeling your inner Santa Claus by making a list and checking it twice.

Pack in Advance

In addition to making a list and checking it twice, it’s a good idea to pack a few days in advance. This comes in handy for several important reasons. For example, if you packed too much in your carry-on, you can make adjustments more easily and without being overwhelmed by it at the last minute. 

Pack Accordingly

Pack according to your destination. The most important thing to do is check the forecast of your destination the day before your flight. Avoid making assumptions. Remember that temperature changes according to the time of day, so don’t pack too much of one item. Additionally, we recommend packing for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Buy Packing Cubes

If you have limited packing space or want extra room to bring back souvenirs, consider buying packing cubes. These are individually sized polyester or nylon bags to organize your items and create more space in your suitcase. Once properly organized, it can also make packing and unpacking quicker and easier. If you don’t want to spend the money or think packing cubes are overrated, alternatively, you can roll your items up tightly, such as your clothing, before packing them into your luggage.

Pack Electronics Properly

When we say “properly,” we don’t just mean to avoid damage, although that is also important (make sure all your electronics are properly padded and packed in the center of your luggage). Determine what electronics to take and which should go in your carry-on luggage to stay close. Generally, electronics to be stored in your carry-on luggage include cameras, cellphones, smart devices, and your laptop. What else? Make that determination so everything you need can easily be accessed when you need it.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Traveling is stressful on its own, why make it more stressful by being uncomfortable? No matter how short your flight, pack for comfort. We recommend:

  • Bringing a neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs to sleep
  • Wearing comfortable attire (i.e., sweats, sneakers, compression socks)
  • Bringing a light sweater in case you get chilly
  • Taking healthy snacks if you’re on a domestic flight

Of course, make sure all these items are packed in your carry-on luggage.

Leave a Little Wiggle Room

In addition to leaving extra room for souvenirs, it’s also important to leave extra room in all your luggage to avoid paying additional fees. For example, most airlines charge extra if your checked luggage weighs more than 50 pounds. If your carry-on luggage is too big to be stowed in the overhead bin, you may need to check it. To avoid extra expenses and hassle, don’t pack your luggage to the point where it’s bursting at the seams. If it is bursting, take time to determine what you can do without – this is another reason why you should pack at least a few days before your flight and definitely not overnight!

Contact M&M Limo & Airport Service

When you need a reliable transportation service to get you to the airport this holiday, only choose the best. Our goal is to provide you with transportation services that define luxury, style, and safety. Because we care about our clients, our limousine company takes great pride in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Go online to make a reservation or call 561-488-6014 for a free quote.

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November 15th, 2021

6 Must Visit Places in Boca Raton

You don’t know, but you have probably made the best decision of your life by deciding to come to Boca Raton. Now that you are here, you will definitely need a transportation concierge in Boca Raton to visit all the beautiful and historical sites, not to mention all the lush beaches here. 

Hence, once again, make the best choice and hire M&M Limo & Airport Service to take you to all the places in Boca Raton that you want to visit with your family and friends.

Places to visit


Some of Florida’s best beaches are found in Boca Raton. It is popular with locals and tourists alike. The soft white fluffy sand and the beach’s crystal blue waters are a must-visit for a day full of fun and laughter with your family. 


The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum

This museum houses the Broadway costumes that the best designers made in the history of American Musical Theatre. With an estimated value of a little more than $20 million, the exhibits include the original collection of the costumes. 

Our M&M Limo & Airport Service will pick you up from your hotel and transport you in style to the museum. You can take all the time you want to roam around, watch shows, or dine in the tavern. Our chauffeur-driven limo will courteously and patiently wait for your return and drop you back at the hotel in comfort and ease. 

Boca Raton Museum of Art

Can you believe it? This museum has an annual number of 200,000 visitors who come to see the galleries and watch the programs. Family activities, public events, and various presentations by artists have made it a popular destination for all. 

Boca Raton Historical Society and Museum

This is another place where visitors can get lost in the history and culture of Boca Raton. A variety of tours are offered, and you have to make a booking in advance. 

Red Reef Park

A sanctuary of birds, don’t forget to carry your camera with you! The park also offers other activities like surf fishing and snorkeling. Picnic areas are provided, complete with grills, tables, and restrooms. It is a popular site for tourists, and if you are interested in golf, the Red Reef Park offers a nine-hole golf course with beautiful views of the coast. 

Sugar Sand Park

For an inspiring and creative experience, you must visit Sugar Sand Park. The amazing world of science awaits you at the Children’s Science Explorium. It is a place that offers fun activities for people of all ages. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you can not miss the walk along the two nature trails, sand pine and slash pine, located within the premises of Sugar Sand Park.

Daggerwing Nature Center

It has a huge exhibition hall where you can see live animals. A two trailed boardwalk with benches for you to sit on when you are tired or just want to relax has also been constructed. As you stroll along the boardwalk, remember you are walking above the swampland, which is filled with the best of Florida’s creatures. Don’t be surprised if you get to see a Spy Turtle on a floating log or an osprey swooping down to catch its lunch. 

And the best part of all is the observation tower from where you can view all the plants and animals that inhabit the nature center. Beautiful butterflies, woodpeckers, alligators, and endangered wood storks, are some of the animals that can be observed from the tower. Our transportation concierge in Boca Raton will provide you with the best offers on rides and trips to and from your destination at any time of the day or night. 

Mizner Park

Mizner Park offers you a dream shopping experience. Anything and everything can be found at this shopping center. And it’s not only shopping that you can do at Mizner Park. The complex has an outdoor amphitheater, a movie theatre, and classy restaurants that sell mouthwatering divine foods. 

Contact M&M Limo and Airport Services

For all your Transportation Concierge Services, get the best quality of services that will far exceed your expectations. M&M Limo and Airport Services in Boca Raton is all about traveling in comfort, style, luxury, and safety. Enjoy your ride in our fleet of limousines, consisting of sedans, buses, vans, and SUVs, and travel without the headache and worry of traffic jams and getting lost. Choose M&M Limo & Airport Service by calling at 561-488-6014 or visiting our website, as we are simply the best.

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November 8th, 2021

What is Included as a Part of Your Limo Service in South Florida?

A limousine is a classy way to get to your destination and enjoy the trip without worrying about the traffic, road conditions, or directions.

Demand is increasing for limo services in South Florida, with projected annual growth rates of 7% between now and 2025.

However, you just can’t rent any limousine and assume that everything is included for a single price. The best approach is to know what is standard as a part of the limousine services. Here are the most common benefits that we include with renting the limo, sedan, SUV, bus, or vans.

Personal Attention

A limousine will come to your door, pick you up, and take you right to the front of your destination. You never have to worry about parking or walking long distances to enter the venue.

For example, when you rent a limousine and go to a basketball game, the parking can be expensive. You will have to park further out and walk a long way to reach the arena entrance. A limo makes things easy, as you are dropped off at the VIP entrance, and you never have to worry about parking or the long walk.

The personal attention you receive is more than what you will find with a taxi or ride-sharing service.

M&M Limo & Airport Service gives you that personal attention you can’t find anywhere else. We offer service to the airports, casinos, concerts, sporting events, dinners, shopping, and tours. Our staff focuses on meeting your every need and creating a memorable experience you will not forget.


Anytime you are riding in one of our vehicles, you will have the utmost privacy to enjoy the journey. Our windows are tinted, and the drivers follow the highest standards for confidentiality in the industry.

However, the extra privacy requires a sense of responsibility by not engaging in illegal activities that create problems. You want to avoid doing drugs, underage drinking, or engaging in lewd acts that can cause issues for everyone.

We guarantee your privacy but ask that you use discretion, respect, and use common sense for the services we provide. The last thing we want is for you or anyone in your party to have problems from doing something to jeopardize your privacy.

We recommend that you ask about our privacy policy and understand what activities are allowed in all of our vehicles. We want you to have fun and enjoy yourself, but do so in responsible and legal ways.

At M&M Limo & Airport Service, we cater to the wealthy, affluent, and celebrities. We understand the significance of privacy and will do everything we can to protect your confidentiality. Our goal is to create an enjoyable trip and a lasting experience you will never forget.

Spacious Seating

Limousines are spacious vehicles that can accommodate large numbers of people going to your event. The extra room gives everyone the ability to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the ride to the destination. Typically, limos can hold between six and fifteen people, depending on the size of the vehicle.

The seats are comfortable by allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey in style.  The plush leather seats give you lots of legroom and help you to stretch out. Sometimes, the seating and space are so comfortable that you can fall asleep after a long night out.

For example, when you visit the local casinos, you enjoy the food, drinks, entertainment, and late night. Our fleet’s spaciousness and seating help you to relax on the way home, and you might fall asleep during the trip.

We have many different vehicles to give you the spacious comfort you can’t find anywhere else.

M&M Limousine & Airport Service has the newest and most state-of-the-art vehicles for you. Our fleet consists of luxury sedans, SUVs, buses, vans, and stretch limousines for any occasion. We are the number one limo service in South Florida and will give you the perfect vehicle for your trip.

You can sit back, relax, have some food, drink a nonalcoholic beverage, listen to music, or watch a video. We create the right experience and want to be everything perfect for you and your guests.

Go with the Best

These are some of the most common benefits you will have when renting a limo for your next trip or event. Call M&M Limo & Airport Service today at 561-488-6014 and see how we can make everything memorable for you.

We are the best limousine service in South Florida and are located in the FNBCC Plaza, near the Learning Experience of Boca Raton. 

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October 28th, 2021

When Should I Book a Limo Service?

If you find yourself planning a wedding, prom night, or spending new years eve in style, a Limo booking service is what you need. But with so many people looking for a limo, how do you book your slot at the right time? The importance of booking a car you want is immeasurable when it comes to your big night. So the sooner you start, the better. 

Therefore, in this blog post, we will explain when to book a limo. So sit tight and read till the end, because you’ll be surprised to know how soon you should start. 

How Much in Advance Should I Book a Limo?

When it comes to booking your dream car, the sooner, the better is the short answer. However, how soon should you book your lime is the follow-up question. Booking at least 3 months in advance is advised by most limo services. This is because prom and wedding seasons are the peak time for people to rent a Limo. So you won’t find a good car if you’ll have to start looking before you find your prom date. 

When Should I Book a Limo Service?

Now that you know how far in advance you should book your limo, it’s time to see what occasion requires a luxury car. 

  1. Wedding 

Weddings are the perfect occasion for a fancy, luxurious car. You might want to make an entry with your friends at a party or take your partner to the airport. Traveling in a limo will add more class and give you a picture-perfect background for photos. It’s the perfect time to book chauffeured transportation because it won’t be cool to drive to your wedding. 

If you are planning your wedding in the summer, you’ll have to book a limo well before your wedding. Sometimes, couples book their Limo before deciding on the wedding venue or cake. Many people rent Limo during summer break. Whether it’s college kids looking to party to high school students interested in a fancy night, you won’t find a limo if you are late. 

  1. New Years Eve

New years eve is an out-of-season time where limo services are completely booked. Finding a Limo on New years night is like finding a needle in a haystack. You’ll have to check out every Limo service to find a chauffered car. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one. But don’t bet on it. 

Many people like to spend their new years with their partners. Going on a night out with your loved one in a chauffeured car is a sense of security. You know you are traveling with a reputable company. Plus, the driver is sober while you can get drunk! A limo will add more fun to your night out. And you won’t be tired of maneuvering through city traffic. 

  1. Valentines Day 

Have a perfect date planned with your partner on Valentine’s day? You can spice it up with a Chauffeured car service. Rent a Limo for the night and visit the most exotic restaurant in town. You can even throw a champagne party at the back of your Limo with your partner. But be careful, she might be expecting a ring on her finger after the night! 

  1. Christmas

Christmas is the time for family gatherings and celebrations. But do you have something in mind for Christmas 2021? How about an exciting Limo service night with your family. You can visit all the decorated places in your town from the comforts of your car. Plus, it can be an excellent surprise for your kids! 

  1. Anniversary

It is your silver jubilee with her, and you need to give her something special. But she’s got everything, so what do you get her? How about an all-night drive under the stars? Many couples hire a chauffeured car for their anniversary to surprise their partner. 

It’s the perfect time to spend some quality time together and enjoy the view rather than drive. Don’t worry about anything. Your driver works for a professional company, so you are entirely safe. 

Enjoy Your Night From the Backseat of a Limo

Hiring a limo service is probably the best thing you’ll do for a special occasion. It saves you the trouble of driving through traffic. Plus, you enjoy the comfort of a luxury car. Most parents hire limo services for their children’s prom night. They feel comfortable knowing that a professional company is responsible for their children’s commute. 

If you want to feel safe and enjoy a romantic evening, family night, or a corporate event, you should check out M&M Limo. For the best corporate car quotes, Boca Raton residents and those visiting should consider M&M Limo. Plus, you’ll find some pretty cool packages on their website. If you want to talk to a representative, you can dial 561-488-6014

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October 21st, 2021

Why Do You Need Corporate Cars?

If you’re someone who’s looking to hire a corporate fleet, it must have crossed your mind to look into corporate cars. People usually don’t talk about these corporate cars a lot. They can be limousines, Escalades, or highly-priced saloon cars, and hiring companies keep them in the perfect state. A corporate automobile or a car in a corporate fleet is one that companies use to move their employees and clients around. These cars are properly maintained and have comprehensive records regarding their upkeep. If you want to transport your clients and employees in prime condition, consider hiring corporate cars.  

Most of these transfers tend to happen to and from airports. Thus, it’s necessary to know about the corporate car services you have available to you from this location. If you work in the corporate sector, chances are, you’ve traveled in one of these cars. You don’t have to wonder about these cars anymore, because you can rent them for your company. They have a pretty robust market around them. So, there are renters from whom you can rent cars for the right price. The service may be a little more expensive than other cars. However, it’s also more sophisticated, and if your company is a new entrant, you can make a good impression on your clients.

In the article below, we’ll look into corporate cars, why you should rent them, and what to look into when you do.

Why You Should Rent Corporate Cars

Corporate cars are cars that corporations hire to transport people from one place to another. These people may be their clients or their employees etc. Corporations understand that the cars they use are a direct reflection of their company. This fact means they must ensure that the rental company they’re using maintain the cars impeccably. 

These rental companies have all kinds of cars. They have vehicles for bureaucrats and government officials as well as cars for companies. You can rent these cars, too. However, you should conduct thorough research before you leap. If your company has a wide array of clients, like government officials, etc., you should hire a corporate car company, preferably one that can pick your clients from the airport. 

Corporate cars are well-maintained compared to cars you would rent from an individual or an external company. However, it would be best if you still tried to get a reasonable price for them. There are factors which you must look at, such as:

  • Price
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Company Reputation 
  • Presence on Airport 

Are Some Corporate Cars Better Than Others? 

Yes, a corporate fleet has all kinds of cars, from cars used by rental companies to cars used by government officials. There are nuances when it comes to corporate cars as well. Rental companies tend to hold on to cars for a longer time, so you will have trouble finding cars that are less than a year old or have less mileage.  Rental car drivers also abuse cars without responsibility, and this may hold a problem. 

Clarify what you need in an automobile for hire with the rental company beforehand. You should also ensure that you conduct a thorough evaluation of the car in the corporate fleet before you hire the company. 

There are those cars which people have handled much more kindly who are in the top-tiers of corporations. You can ask the rental company for a car of this kind. 

Checklist for Corporate Cars

If you’ve decided on renting a corporate car for your company, you’ll have to look out for some things. We’ve prepared a checklist so you can judge if a car is a right fit for your company:

1.  Inspect the Car

You can’t inspect the car yourself if you don’t know enough about automobiles. Thus, in all cases, you should ask a mechanic to inspect the cars and inform you of their opinion. Make sure the mechanic you are hiring has no connection to the rental company. 

2. Look at the Vehicle’s History

You’ll be happy to know that rental companies are obligated to have all the documents of each car, which means you have easy access to a record for maintenance. Through this documentation, you can understand the quality of the car and if it will hold to its reputation. 

3. Conduct a Test Drive

This item may seem like the most obvious one. However, test drives are the most fool-proof way of knowing if a car is ideal for your company’s use. 

Final Thoughts 

Corporate cars are a perfect option if you’re looking into cars to use for your company. These cars are properly maintained while also having a history of maintenance. They can be a little more expensive, but they are available. They are also a clinical way to transport important clients. They are worth the extra time and money. 

M&M Limo & Airport Service offers its clients in South Florida a fleet of luxury sedans, vans, limousines, and SUVs. We are committed to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them. For more information on hiring corporate cars in South Florida, please visit our website:

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October 14th, 2021

Best Tips for Arriving at the Airport Stress-Free and On-Time

Travel is a luxury we should all enjoy. Whether you’re going to Montana to visit your relatives, or Morocco to explore a new culture, it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience somewhere new. Of course, there are a few stressors involved with traveling, like packing and making it to the airport in time. The good news is when you need a transportation service in Boca Raton, you can always rely on M&M Limo & Airport Service. Our shuttle will get you to and from the airport, whether you are going to Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami International Airport. Don’t worry about the hassle of driving, dealing with traffic, and paying a premium to park in the airport garage. We’ll gladly take these burdens off your shoulders.

But what about the other burdens that cause significant stress? We’ve found that the best solution to making it to the airport without a hitch is planning and organization.

Pack Early

The most efficient travelers will tell you that your greatest ally is early packing – do so at least two days before your scheduled flight. Don’t pack the day of your flight for obvious reasons. Not only will packing early help you remember everything you need, but if you’re carrying check-on luggage, you can verify your luggage’s weight meets the standards for the airline you are flying on.

We recommend packing early and leaving your luggage by the front door the night before. That way, when it’s time to leave, all you need to grab is your phone (and purse). 

Pack for Airport Security

Pack for security? Yes, this is (or should be) a thing. We can’t help you with the long lines, but there are a few essential items that will get you through security when it’s your time to act. Never forget:

  • Slip on shoes (shoelaces will slow you down)
  • Reusable toiletry bags (you don’t want to be stopped and have your bags searched for any reason, legitimate or otherwise)
  • Laptop cases

You are sure to slip through security with these essential items.

Pack Personal Info Separately

Lines will go a lot smoother if you pack your crucial documents, such as your license, passport (or other form of identification), and credit card in a separate wallet or travel pouch. If you printed out your boarding pass the night before, stash it along with these documents. This a proven method to prevent unnecessarily searching for each document when you are called up in line and it ensures you have everything you need.

Check Your Flight Status

In the haste of taking care of everything we can control, it is not uncommon to forget a few of the things we can’t, such as an unexpected change in flight. A good rule is to check your flight status the night before, then again just before you leave the house. Flying can be stressful as is. You don’t need to compound it by avoiding this one tip only to discover that you’re at the airport several hours early or your flight was canceled.

Check-in Online

This is another tip that is too easy not to do and can save you a lot of time at the airport. The airline you’re flying with will send an email notification when it is time to check in to your flight. By checking in online and having your boarding pass emailed to you, you won’t have to stand in line and wait for an available kiosk to print out your boarding pass. A bonus is you get the opportunity to select your seat early and better secure the spot you want.

Arrive Early

The general rule of thumb is to arrive at the airport roughly two hours before your plane departs, or three hours when flying internationally. This gives you enough cushioning for unexpected issues such as traffic and will give you enough time to go through security and to board. 

When you contact our team, we guarantee we will get you there safely and as quickly as possible.

Contact M&M Limo & Airport Service

We are a locally owned Transportation Service, providing service in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas since 1989. We deliver the highest level of personal chauffeured service, transferring our clients where to or from their destination with courtesy and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our transportation service in Boca Raton, contact M&M Limo & Airport Service or call 561-488-6014 for a free quote.

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